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Navigating the AHLRCC website

Our patrons spoke up, and we listened!

Based on the feedback of members and visitors, we are announcing some changes that we hope make it easier to find sports activities, classes, lodge activities, and other opportunities to visit, engage, and enjoy Augusta Hills Learning, Recreation and Community Center (AHLRCC)!

If you are looking to see what you can do at the AHLRCC, click on Programs on the website menu. Once you've landed on the Programs page, you can filter to narrow down programs by Category: Gym, Lodge, Class, or Other. Once you see a program of interest, click on it to view details (here is an example).

Any time you have trouble finding what you came for, try using the Search bar at the top of the page. Enter any word or phrase to search the site.

Keep in mind, some programs (like various sports activities in the Gym) are offered routinely, but schedules may vary. If that is the case, we'll mention to reference the Calendar for schedules. On the Calendar page, find a search box and/or options to "Filter" what you see in the upper left corner of the calendar page.

A Calendar button will appear on every program detail page, so if specific dates and times are not shown in the program description, click the Calendar button to look for upcoming times when that program is available.

As always, if you have questions, call us at (260) 636-8000 or drop an email to We're here to help you stay active at Augusta!

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